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November 2021

Company Newsletter

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Al though the holiday season can bring out the best in people, it
can also have a tendency to bring out the worst. Why does this
happen and how can we keep it from happening? In an article
by BigSpeak Voice, Dr. Relly Nadler gives some background
Information and tips on this topic. Dr. Nadler attributes decision
fatigue, inflated expectations, "emotional hurts and worry",
along with reactive and regressed emotions as a few of the
causes of holiday stress. One of these stressors can be
overwhelming but al l of them coupled together can make
navigating the holidays seem impossible. Luckily, there are ways
to help reduce this stress. Dr. Nadler suggests setting real istic
expectations, working on your "accepting and letting go" skil ls,
as well as al lowing yourself to experience the moment by
enhancing your focus and empathy skills. To learn more, check
out the article on


Maintaining your
mental health
during the holiday

Update on Goldsboro

Message from Dixon

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I t has been a busy year at Dixon Social Interactive Services. As many of
you know, we opened a new office in 2021 in Goldsboro. Between
adding new members to our team and working with a new population of
clients, it has been an exciting time for the company. We look forward to
continuing to work with and learn from the Goldsboro community in the
future. I f you or someone you know in the Goldsboro area are seeking
mental health services, reach out to our main office at 252-353-0100 to
schedule an appointment.


As the holidays approach closer, now serves as a time of reflection. We
want to thank al l of our employees here at Dixon for another year of hard
work and dedication to the communities that we continue to serve. To our
clients, we want to thank for you continuing to trust us with your mental
health needs. We hope the rest of year treats you wel l and that your new
year is full of new opportunities. Have a blessed hol iday season and we
look forward to seeing what the future holds!


Follow us on social media for information on mental heal th and wel lness
topics. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at Dixon Social
Interactive Services.


Get to Know the CEO


One of the best ways to get to know a company is by getting to know its founders and CEO. I met with Mr. Barry Dixon over lunch to discuss a bit about his background and how Dixon Social Interactive Services came to be the company it is today. Mr. Dixon, a former military brat, was originally born in Chicago, IL. Having moved around with the military, the family settled in Farmville, NC. Growing up, he and family were very involved within the community with his parents and siblings being educators and his father serving as an athletics coach. This involvement allowed Mr. Dixon to continuously be meeting people from all different walks of life.

Mr. Dixon attended East Carolina University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in sociology, with a minor in social work. During this time, he secured an internship with the Department of Social Services. It was during his experience with this department that Mr. Dixon solidified his passion for helping others that ultimately led him to pursue a Master of Social work. In addition to his furthering his education, he also met his wife of over 40 years, Derria. After marrying, the two decided to make Greenville their home where they would go on to raise their children and open DSIS.

When asked why they had decided to open DSIS, Mr. Dixon explained that in the early 2000s mental health services in North Carolina were undergoing a major shift where all the mental health centers were diverging into private practices. This presented him with the opportunity to expand his desire to help individuals in need. He went on to further explain that the social interactive piece of the Dixon name reflects a holistic approach to serving others. “I desire to help people attain their goals and help them overcome restraints that might be inhibiting their goals from transpiring,” stated the CEO. In the 21-year history of the company, Mr. Dixon has seen many men, women, and children break away from stigmas, disorders and other barriers to a healthy lifestyle. He stated that it has been a joy to continuing serving the communities of Eastern North Carolina.

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